A bit About our brand.

Since our founding in 1995 in Paris, France, Tiffany & Fred always had the same vision of providing our customers with the most beautiful, chic, trendy, innovative, and high-quality European handbags. Since then, we have never looked back.

In 2005, Tiffany & Fred relocated their corporate headquarters to Miami, Florida; while always keeping Paris as our ‘Home of design and inspiration’.

From satchels to totes and clutches to hobos, we have a handbag for any occasion. Using the highest quality Italian leather and other luxurious fabrics makes them both beautiful and durable; these are the handbags that last a lifetime.

What started as a big dream and a few simple designs in Paris, ended up between the hands of woman all across the globe.

We love what we do because you love what we do! It's a two-way relationship! ;)

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Beautifully French-inspired handbags with a perfect touch of modern.


Every detail of our Top-Quality handbags have two things in common: They're made with love, and with you in mind; So of course they're La crème de la crème!


At Tiffany & Fred, our customers' satisfaction is our top priority! We are always here to help and serve!

Just Ahhhh.

Check out all of our latest models: Stylish, yet practical.

Discover our full collection now!


Don't take our word for it, everyone's saying it!

Both beautiful and unique, these are the kind of accessories that last a lifetime.


Best handbag in 2018.


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